Practical Tips for Managing Paperwork

It’s overwhelming, I know.

But bear in mind, please:

Beginnings are a challenge – once you complete the initial paperwork, you will have time for lunch breaks without gasping afterwards or staggering under the load of paperwork remaining.

Secondly, remember that when you contact parents to complete signatures and paperwork, if you spend an extra few minutes to discuss goals and screening scores, you have accomplished your monthly parental contact.  Yes, some parents will need more time, and you will surely give it to them…. but not every contact or discussion has to be a long phone interview.  An informal encounter when the parent comes to drop off the child at school, can qualify as parental contact if you include a meaningful, goal focused conversation…

Finally, ensure that when parents complete paperwork, they don’t leave anything out…because otherwise, just remember who has to cross those t’s and dot those i’s….



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