Ideas and Resources: Snacking Solutions

Have you ever sat on the subway at 7:30 in the morning and seen small children eating Twinkies or M&M’s for breakfast?

I have.  And I always wonder, “How do these children function in school without headaches or hyperactivity from the sugar rush?” or “How will that child’s teacher manage him/her today…?”

Smart Snacking that doesn’t require a huge investment of time and effort is a commodity that many parents can use guidance in finding.  As Family Workers, we can help.

Magic Words:

Parent Engagement

Parent Education

Nutritional Education

Health Awareness

Newsletter Idea Insert *

Now that you know this link seems promising, open to check it out.

Snacking Solutions for Parents and Children

This is a nice article to share with parents either by sending it home, sharing it at your PAC  meeting (another magic word?).  * Monthly Newsletters are recommended.  If you coordinate your newsletter themes with the Educational Monthly theme, you’ll find yourself with a better focus each time….  This article can be used during a health/food/nutrition related month.


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