More on Evaluations – Making Sense of the Paperwork


A parent comes to you saying they have received their packet from  the Department of Education.

Translation:  Packet is a large manila / yellow  envelope that contains a number of booklets and papers.

The only essential paper from that entire pile is the C1-P  or Consent for Initial Evaluation.  It has a few different looks, but this is basically it:

Consent Form – C1P Sample

How this scenario relates to you:

Receipt of this packet/consent form indicates that the Committee for Preschool Special Education has sent the parent the paperwork allowing them to start the evaluation process for their child.  By signing the form, the parent is saying that they want the agency to begin doing the evaluation.  Upon submission of the consent form, a Home Language Survey  (link to the Home Language Survey and Release Form that one agency uses: Home Language Survey EvalCare)  and a Release Form (link:Parental Consent Form Evalcare), which are also in your binder,  must also be completed and signed by the parent together with the agency representative of the agency performing the evaluations.

Once the parent signs these papers, email them to the disabilities department so we can have them on record – Chanie or Nechamie – and call us to establish what to do next ie. how we can obtain the original forms from you for the evaluation agency.  Please note: the original documents are the only ones acceptable for submission to the Department of Education, and that is what we have to submit to the Agency that conducts the evaluations.


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