New Protocol in Regard to Evaluation Referrals

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 Evaluation Recommendation Letter

Evaluation Referral Form


No, this will not make your life more complicated.

Yest, this will be another paper to put into a child’s folder if the child is being referred for evaluation.


Our new protocol for referring a child for evaluation is as follows:

1) Review Brigance and ASQ Scores

2) Classroom Observation of the child by teacher and/or director and mental health consultant

3) If it is determined that this child would benefit from a complete evaluation to determine if s/he is eligible for any kind of therapy, the Evaluation Recommendation Letter must be completed, signed by the director, and sent to the parent.

4) A copy of the evaluation recommendation letter should be placed in the child’s Education Folder.

5) Follow up with the parent – Key Word:  Monthly parent contact

6) Clarify to parents that calling the disabilities department is a means for them to discuss the situation and get more information.  It is not labeling their child, nor is it making any kind of commitment.

7) If a Parent expresses concerns and wants the Disabilities Department to call him/her to refer the child for evaluation, then the Evaluation Referral Form must be filled out and signed by the parent.  Legally it is most advisable that we have a signed referral by the parent  before the disabilities department calls, or that the parent initiate contact with the disabilities department.

And again, if you have any questions, call Chanie or Nechamie – 718-576-6812 x 139 or 140



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