Post PAC

So you’ve completed your PAC elections and paperwork,which we are submitting on your behalf to ACS over the weekend.

Now what?

Family Workers will now:

1) Share the election results to parents.  Attached is a sample handout in PDF and Word Form, where you will fill in your elected officers and committee members.

PDF:  PAC – Post Election Notice to Parent

Word Form: PAC – Post Election Notice to Parent

2) Make sure every parent receives the PAC Election Results

3) Keep in touch with PAC Committee Officers to ensure that monthly meetings are taking place, parents are informed of monthly meetings as they happen, meetings have written minutes and signed attendance sheets including majority of committee members, and that meetings address parent concerns and needs.

Thank you for pulling together to make PAC happen!

Good luck with the ongoing commitment.


2 thoughts on “Post PAC

  1. I second that. Nechomie thank you so much for helping me with he papers today as well as yesterday evening, and thanks for these resources posted

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