Referrals – Urgent!

I know I keep telling you things are urgent and we have deadlines hovering, waiting to be met.

This is not “the boy crying wolf.”

It’s real and the deadlines are urgent.

This time it’s referrals that are urgent.
And regulations have been adjusted per the Department of Education.

Any child (who is not already receiving services) who scored below level on his/her screenings;  and/or the mental health consultant has recommended an evaluation,  must be referred for evaluation.  This means that
1) The director, MHC, or family worker discuss the concerns with the parent,
2) The parent completes and signs a referral form (with assistance if necessary,  but rules now require that the parent sign the request.) link: Evaluation Referral Form
3) The referral form is sent to me at, so that I can send them to the DOE.

Please note: Every director received notice of the children at his/her site whose scores are concerns.  Each child’s folder must have documented the actions th at were taken…. and if the child was referred for evaluation,  or is already undergoing the evaluation process, that must be documented as well.

What I need from your site today is the referral form of any child who still needs to be referred.

Please share this with your directors and call me with any questions.


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