Family Resource: City Harvest Gingerbread Extravaganza

As Family Workers, encouraging family time, hours spent together without the distractions of phones and cable.

Here is some information to share with our families, it’s not costly and it can be fun for those who can make the time to go enjoy this exhibition:

Time Out Says:

Something nice and not costly for parents to do with their children over the next few days.You may not be allowed to nibble on the confectionary edifices featured in Le Parker Meridien’s third annual gingerbread-house exhibition, but you can gawk at the sugary sculptures, created by local culinary kings. This year’s theme is “Landmarks Around the World,” so expect to see recognizable buildings and sights in gingerbread form. For just a buck (which will be donated to City Harvest, an organization that helps feed people who are homeless), you can vote for your favorite and automatically be entered to win a five-night stay at the Parker Palm Springs. Hey, this is the season when wishes can come true! All ages.


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