Family Resources – Special Needs Children and Taxes

Special Needs Children and Taxes.

And, pray tell, what does one have to do with the other?

As any parent with a special needs child knows, raising a child who possibly needs assistive technology, a different kind of school, or a slew of therapists, comes along with its own unique expenses.  Fortunately, the IRS does recognize this, and offers certain tax deductions as a result.

Now that 2012 has come and gone, and tax season has begun, please share with the families we service any financial and tax  smarts that you can offer.

The following article offers parents tips in acquiring tax deductions and earned income credit for their special needs children.

This is Timely Parent Engagement, specific to Special Needs Families.

Please note, the source for this article is (copy and paste:), a blog site that offers support, ideas, resources, and networking for special needs families.   Any “special needs family” at your site would benefit from being directed to this site… and you may find it worthwhile to peruse new posts at as well.

Article Link:

5 Tax Deductions for Special Needs Families



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