Referrals for Evaluations – Urgent!

We said it once, we’ve said it countless times.

Children who need extra assistance need to be referred as soon as the concerns arise.  The DOE evaluation process takes time, and we don’t want to cause the fmailies to wait any longer than necessary to get the necessary help for the children.

Therefore, Please:

1) Email me a list of the children at your site who need to be referred for evaluation.

2) Fill out an Evaluation Recommendation Letter, signed by the director, and sent to the parents, retaining a copy in the child’s educational folder.

3) Have the parents complete and sign a referral form and email the form to me.   Parents understand that by signing the referral form they are requesting that the DOE send them a packet, which upon receipt, will enable the parent to begin evaluations.   The referral form must be faxed or emailed to me immediately, again retaining a copy in the child’s educational folder. Parents understand that I may call them upon receipt of the referral form.

4) The evaluations do not cost the parents anything, but they do require parental signature and parental participation/cooperation.   Upon receipt of the envelope from the DOE, parents should call me, or they can bring the envelop into school and the family worker will call me while the parent is still there.

Please note, review of children needing services recommendations  should be done on a monthly basis.

If you have not yet followed these procedures for your site, please make sure to do so, at the latest, by Tuesday, January 8, 2013.

Links: Evaluation Recommendation Letter

Evaluation Referral Form updated Jan 2


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