Screening Follow-up

You’ve reviewed every child’s folder ten times.

You’ve ensured that any child who did poorly on the ASQ and Brigance are referred to the Mental Health Consultant and/or DOE evaluations.

You’ve notated the children who need lead testing, and vision screenings, and hearing tests.

And those vision and hearing screenings need follow up, too.

Any child whose vision or hearing screening results read “refer” or anything other than “pass,” is a child who should be referred for a complete eye exam or audiological evaluation.

Audiological evaluations should be done by audiologists or ENT’s, and vision evaluations (eye exams) should be done by qualified eye doctors – optometrists or ophthalmologists.    Most hospitals and clinics offer these services, and medicaid generally provides coverage as well.

Here is the link to the form letter that should be sent to the parents of any child who did not pass the vision and hearing screenings:

PDF: Referral for further testing

Word: Referral for further testing


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