Evaluation and Referrals

I”m so glad that many of you are reviewing the children’s scores and discussing their performance with the teachers and Mental Health Consultant to determine if there are concerns that need addressing.

I’m grateful to those of you who have been submitting the referral forms and list of children being recommended, and to those of you who have given parents my phone number and ensured that the parents have been contacting me for assistance and support with services and referrals.

I would love to be able to say this is true for all the family workers and sites, and I hope that all of you will get on to the task of ensuring that every child’s needs are addressed at your site.

I also want to caution you, before sending a referral for services, please ensure that

1) Parents fully understand what they are requesting when filling out a referral form (otherwise have them call me for clarification)

2) Child is not already receiving services or in the process of evaluation (If child is receiving services, we need evidence – ex.a copy of the IEP on file)

3) Parents have not already sent in a request to the DOE or to EI on their own

4) If Parents do not speak English, that they have completed a referral form in the language that they understand.  We have referral forms in Spanish, and are working on one in French as well.


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