Family Resources- Queens Famlies

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is weight loss and starting an exercise program, finding a new job, improving our character.

Those are also goals that many of the All My Children Parents are trying to achieve….among others.

But a healthy lifestyle, a steady income, and increasing our positive behaviors for better character are family goals, not just an adult personal goals.

Following are resources to help parents achieve their New Year’s Resolutions and Family Partnership Agreements .

Help your families enhance their quality of life by sharing these resources:

  • Free Zumba classes for any ages – what a great, fun family activity to introduce!
  • Resources for entrance into Private High Schools  – for families with eighth grade children
  • Free Workshops for Anger Management, Parenting Skills, and Domestic Violence – these are vital!
  • Co-parenting Workshops – because parenting has to be done together, whether or not parents live together
  • Young Adult Internship Program – for  young parents, and for families with older children
  • Free Business English classes – more money is always nice
  • Support for Immigrant Families – we have many of those
  • Free GED and Computer Classes – because everyone should have the chance to graduate
  • Employment Seminar for Women – this is the 21st century after all
  • Strengthening Families Program – Because that’s what ACS is all about
  • WIC – and back to health and nutrition

Click on these links for the flyers to share:

Resources for Queens Famlies Jan 18


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