Children’s Folders – Medical Update

Success is a work in progress, and the children’s folders are no exception.

We’re trying to streamline the paperwork to minimize the number of forms the parents have to sign, though, admittedly, there are still plenty.

Following are a new medical release/emergency form as well as forms for children with asthma or allergies.

Remember, allergies and asthma can be severe life threats, and children can fail rapidly.  It is vital that we have the necessary paperwork outlining the specific protocol for treating each child’s condition and we follow the physician’s directives to the letter.

Teachers, directors, family workers, and any aides in the classroom should be aware and able to follow the emergency procedures outlines should an attack G-d Forbid take place.

Click on the link for the documents.

Asthma Action Plan Form

Authorization for Medication Form

Emergency Form with Release

Food Allergy Action Plan


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