Family Resources – Tricks and Tips

Now here’s one fun part of this job.

How many uses can you find for a soda can tab?  Or a bread bag plastic tab closure?  Or a drinking straw?

Yes, we have to challenge parents to take an active role in their children’s education, encourage them to set personal and professional goals, nag them to fill out a seemingly endless stream of forms, prod them to join us at meetings and volunteer on committees.

Yes, we have to fill out a bunch of forms, find things to share with parents, log and track everything we do in triplicate.

And no, it’s not all always fun.

But this is.

Click on the following link for a list, complete with illustrative photos of tips and trick for household use, with almost cost free household items.

You will never view a soda can tab or a straw, or a toilet paper roll the same way again.

And the parents you contact monthly, will love this little gift of information, too.


Tips and Tricks to Make Life Easier



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