Making Sense Out of Scores

The question keeps arising:  What is the cutoff?

So, a few things to remember:

1) If a child scores below 75 on the Brigance, or over 15 on the ASQ, ask the teacher if there are any concerns.

2) If a child scores beyond the cutoff, then we consult with teachers and parents to consider whether an evaluation is necessary.

3) Following are the ASQ screening cut-offs for each age:


6 MONTH                            INFANTS 3-8 MONTHS                   45

12 MONTH                          CHILDREN 9-14 MONTHS              48

18 MONTH                          CHILDREN 15-20 MONTHS            50

24 MONTH/2YR                 CHILDREN 21-26 MONTHS            50

30 MONTHS                        CHILDREN 27-32 MONTHS            57

36 MONTH/3YR                 CHILDREN 33-41 MONTHS            59

48 MONTH/4YR                 CHILDREN 42-53 MONTHS            70

60 MONTH/5YR                 CHILDREN 54-65 MONTHS            70


4) For the Brigance cut off scores, go to:

You will reach a page that looks like this?


hero image container

For more than 30 years, educators have trusted the BRIGANCE family of
assessment, screening, and instructional tools to help them meet the needs
of their students. And now with the brand-new IED III and Screens III for 2013,
BRIGANCE is more comprehensive than ever before.

hero image container 

hero image container 

hero image container





At the bottom of the page you will see:

 Free Tools

Chronological Age Calculator (View Calculator Tutorial)
Screens II Scoring Tool
Self-help and Social-Emotional Scales Scoring Tool
IED II Standardized Scoring Tool
CIBS II Standardized Scoring Tool


Click on the bold “free tools” and then the bold “screens/Scoring Tool.”

You will then be prompted o insert the child’s information and how many answers the child responded correctly to, and you will see the total score, the cutoff, and whether the child scored above or below cut off.

It’s a good idea to print the scoring sheet and insert it into the child’s education folder together with the handwritten Brigance Scoresheet.


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