Family Resources – Potty Time!

If you’ve conducted ASQ interviews with parents, you know that one significant component among many of the tests, and one major concern that is shared by many parents,is potty training.

For some it’s culturally inappropriate to wait until the child is older to toilet train, and for some it is a practical consideration, as there are day care or school programs that require children to be toilet trained.

And then there is the, well, let’s call it the physical or aesthetic or olfactory consideration.

How can we help?

This is one situation where modern technology helps with more than just babysitting or schoolwork.

There are computer programs and smartphone or tablet apps that help toilet train your child.

My favorite is the Little Hands Potty Time app (first on the list of web addresses).

Check out these sites, and please share with interested parents:

Children can click on icons for entertainment while they sit, and have a screen friend whom they call when they “go” or when they have “accidents.”

This from their home page:


From hugs and high-fives to stickers and Snickers, there are many ways to encourage potty training. With the new POTTY TIME app, you have eight new ways to celebrate your child’s potty training success:Get a call from Rachel
Read a book together
Watch a video together
Play a game together
Chart your child’s success on your mobile device
Print a success chart for your fridge
Give your child a certificate
Brag about your child on our Facebook page

And more:

  • I Love Potty Training [iPhone]
    Well worth the $2.99, this app’s jam-packed with interactive eBooks, a progress tracker and a Potty Drop game where kids can try to catch TP in a toilet (it’s cuter than it sounds!)
  • Potty Stats [Droid]
    This app–for moms, by moms!–keeps track of your kid’s daily potty successes, and even adds up the dollars you’ve saved on diapers.
  • My Potty Chart [iPhone]
    If your kids love reward stickers, they’ll get a kick out of this app. It lets them pick stamps (hearts, stars or checkmarks) each time they go.
  • Pull-Ups iGo Potty [iPhone]
    This app is free (!) and filled with fun stuff including potty reminders from Patty the Potty (who calls your kid when it’s time to potty), reward stickers and a diploma you can print out when the deed is done.
  • It’s Potty Time [iPhone]
    Your potty champ can follow along with an interactive e-book, sing along to a catchy potty tune and fill up an interactive rewards chart with stickers. Potty on!
  • I Earned That [iPhone]
    This cool app for moms lets you upload or take a photo of a reward (a favorite toy, snack, you name it) and turn it into an interactive jigsaw puzzle of up to 60 pieces. Set your kid’s goal (go potty!) and have him earn the reward one puzzle piece at a time.

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