IEP’s? Anyone?

Congratulations to Yaffa at 188th Street, who informed me today that after obtaining necessary consents and numerous calls to parents and therapy providers, she has almost every necessary IEP.


This is also a friendly reminder that every child who is receiving services must have an IEP on file, so that the teachers can help address the goals in the general classroom setting.

And, of course, children who do not have IEP’s and need them, should be referred to Nechamie without delay, so that we can help parents navigate the Department of Education.


3 thoughts on “IEP’s? Anyone?

  1. That’s Great!!!! congrats Yaffa
    I’m only missing 2 and 1 the mother has been calling the agency for a long time to get it and the other one Chani N. is looking into it.

  2. thanks but I didn’t write it to get compliments although I don’t mind them 🙂 was just answering the question int he post: “IEP anyone?”

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