ABC’s for Challenging Behaviors

The evaluation process takes time.  A long time.  And then there are the children who don’t qualify for services, the children who are waiting to qualify, the children whose parents dont’ want them to qualify.  Meanwhile you’re hearing teacher’s concerns, and often some of these challenging children come to “take a breather” or “think” in your office.

So we’ve mentioned and reminded and casually dropped into conversation words such as “Behavior Intervention Plan” or “Interim Plan” that “have to be in place for every chil.

But how do we make sure it happens?  And how do teachers and directors and parents and family workers and service coordinators devise these plans?

We go back to the classroom, the the teachers who see the children every day, who deal with challenging behaviors that are impeding upon the children’s learning.

Following is a link to an ABC chart that every teacher should have.

Whenever dealing with challenging behaviors in the classroom, teachers should start an ABC Behavior Chart for the child who is acting out in a challenging manner.

A = Antecedent – What came before the behavior

B  = Behavior – Description of the challenging behavior

C = Consequence – No, it is not a euphemism for punishment; it means result… what did the teacher do about it?

Teachers can then log  what may be the behavioral triggers, and also track which consequences seem to be more effective.

Please, share this chart with every teacher at your site, and when the Mental Health Consultant comes, or a team meets to strategize how to help these children, the teachers will show them the chart to better devise an “Interim” or “Behavior Intervention Plan.”


ABC Behavior Chart


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