Pedestrian Safety – Updated for Your Files

I”m sure you’r site has incorporated Pedestrian Safety into the curriculum by the requisite due dates.

But remember, if it’s not in writing, it didn’t happen.

Please ensure that you have the version of the Pedestrian Safety paper  that includes the dates.  Furthermore, if you have a version that does not include a date, please remember that in order to be valid,  the Pedestrian Safety Papers need to be dated within 30 days of children’s admission to the program.

Link:  Pedestrian Safety

Pedestrian Safety Younger Children


One thought on “Pedestrian Safety – Updated for Your Files

  1. I had about twenty parents sign this form, this morning, and they all commented,, “Didnt I sign this already?”Then when I looked over the paperwork, I realized I didnt know which form was for who, as it doesnt say Parents anem, or child’s name on it… food for thought..

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