Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities

This great resource is thanks to Advocates for Kids.

For any parent with a smart phone, IPad, or the like, following are some great apps that will assist children with disabilities and children without disabilities, too!

Apps for Students with Learning Disabilities:

Social Supports and Behavior

By Darla Hatton and Kaila Hatton

Apps for Students - LD Social SupportChildren and teens with learning disabilities sometimes have a hard time with social skills and behavior, including reading or communicating nonverbal signals. The following mobile apps may provide your child or teen with some high-tech support. Although we did extensive research on available apps, we also learned that just because “there’s an app for that” it doesn’t mean that it’s right for everyone. My daughter likes these, but we suggest that you have your child or teen try them out for themselves.






Parents, create online puzzles of your child’s favorite things with iEarnedThat, and then share the result to make your child feel proud and confident.


Hidden Curriculum for Kids

What’s the etiquette for that? Hidden Curriculum explains potentially awkward social situations and the “unwritten social rules” that accompany them.


Model Me Going Places

Teach your child how to behave properly in public with the Model Me Going Places app.


Tap to Talk

Tap to Talk helps non-verbal children speak by allowing them to type what they wish to say.



Allow your children to type what they need to say using Verbally—similar to Tap to Talk.


Middle School Confidential 1

“Be Confident in Who You Are” is a digital comic book with fantastic graphics. It covers such topics as bullying, friendship, and body image.


Middle School Confidential 2

“Real Friends vs. the Other Kind” keeps the same comic book format and great graphics and characters as Middle School Confidential 1, but this time addresses the challenges of making friends and being a real friend.


Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is an informational app that explains what cyberbullying is, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it when it does occur.


Angry Octopus

The angry octopus in this children’s story learns how to take deep breaths and calm down to manage his fiery emotions.


Your Turn – Kid Timer

Help children determine whose turn it is by using this iPod or iPhone timer. Your Turn sets a specific time for children to play and alerts them when it’s time to pass it on.

Note: These apps were tested on Apple products like the iPhone and iPad in December 2012. New editions may change the nature of an app, making it more or less LD-friendly. “New” may not mean “better” for you. Also, our recommendations don’t include complimentary apps that require you to buy a full version of a program.

Darla Hatton and Kaila, her teenage daughter (who has dyslexia) have been active members of the larger LD community for years, including giving presentations at the Family Cafe’s Annual Conference in Florida. They’re committed to sharing information and supporting the success of individuals with learning disabilities.

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