Some News From ACS

This year the Federal gov’t has made available a financial info opportunity…they have an arrangement with CARVER BANK to have info at programs to provide financial advice and opportunities for DADS to open accounts wherein they avoid check cashing services…they also will advise dads who have concerns about banking and child support challenges….this is very good “stuff”…
Please, please, please!
We need maximum participation! This is a very important initiative. We are trying to welcome Dads into the school setting for a child’s lifetime. Please let me know what you are planning for Sept 17th.

Please REGISTER….Registration information is in the link found in the first flyer included in the attachment.

Programs generally plan an activity for fathers, reading to children, speakers etc…. It has been suggested that programs have resource table materials for dads related to male issues..i.e. health, social service, even child support.


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