Family Resources – Cool Culture Hunt


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Team up with your family to explore museums using Cool Culture Hunt Cards!

What are Cool Culture Hunt Cards?

Cool Culture Hunt Cards are activity guides that your family can use to discover cultural objects. They feature clues, pictures, fun activities and more! The best part? You can use them before, during and after your museum visit!


  • Choose: Your family is a caravan of explorers. Grab your imaginary magnifying glass and explore the list of hunt card objects on the right!
  • Download: Download the card(s) you like and print them out. (You will need a PDF reader .)
  • Then, Go! Use Trip Tips to be sure your journey is fun and rewarding. And remember, the institution’s contact info is on the back of the card.
  • Explore Wherever, Whenever: Check out the back of your Hunt Card for fun, quick and inexpensive activities. It’s a great way to prepare your family for what you’ll see during your visit, and help you continue to learn after you’ve explored the museum.

Cool Culture Hunt at Museum at Eldridge Street!

Come to the Egg Rolls & Egg Creams Festival to find:

More Hunting!


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