Family Resources – Free Books

The last free books of February!

We have some seriously awesome new titles to offer you all through the February Festivaldistribution.  We’re definitely excited, we hope you are excited, but we’re pretty sure the kids will be the most excited!  Check out the titles and apply online today – but hurry! Demand for books from our book distributions has been sky-high recently, with many applications closing extremely quickly.  So don’t wait too long!

    • Application names: 
      • February Festival: Books for ages 0 – 6
      • February Festival: Books for ages 7 – 18
    • Cost of Books:                Free!
    • Shipping & Handling:    $.65 a book
    • Ship Date:                        Books will ship by late March

First Book always has tons of great new books to give away, so we encourage you to apply for any and all the distributions you want.  We also encourage you to apply as soon as you can, because demand is high.  And don’t be discouraged if you don’t get books this time around, we make sure to get books to every program as often as we can!


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