Family Resources – Smokers, Need Help Quitting?

Health Department Announces Annual Nicotine Patch and Gum Program Starts Today

From Tuesday, March 4-April 1, New Yorkers who want to quit smoking can apply for free nicotine patches and gum by calling 311 or through

Image removed by sender. Injuries among Older AdultsThe Health Department today kicks off its ninth annual nicotine patch and gum program to help New Yorkers quit smoking. The program, in partnership with the New York State Smokers’ Quitline, will run through April 1st. Since the nicotine patch and gum program began in 2006, it has helped almost 300,000 adult New Yorkers quit smoking and contributed to the city’s multi-pronged effort to reduce the prevalence of adult smoking to 15.5% and youth smoking to 8.5%. To coincide with the patch and gum giveaway, the Health Department will run a series of powerful ads on television featuring Marie, a New Yorker who began smoking in high school. In her early forties, Marie was diagnosed with a disease caused by smoking that, over time, led to amputations of her foot, leg, and some fingers. She has been smoke-free since 2006 when she called 311 for help to quit, and has become a national spokesperson for quitting smoking.

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NYC Quits!


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