Teacher Resources – Inclusion

In all our classes we have children who may not march to the same beat as the other children.

In all classes teachers struggle to incorporate the needs of the individual child with the general curriculum and routines of the class as a whole.

Please read and click on the following links and share the handouts with the teachers at your site, to help them make adaptations for the unique needs of every child.


no one is perfect

No one is perfect and even the most seasoned educators will make mistakes from time to time. The key is to accept responsibility, learn from those mistakes and grow in the process.

Here are eight common inclusion mistakes:

Link:  http://www.thinkinclusive.us/eight-inclusion-mistakes-even-good-educators-make/#sthash%2Edbl8AsGz%2Edpbs


Much has been written about the value of inclusive education and the ways in which inclusive education benefits ALL learners, not just those identified with need or classified by a school district. Yet, even when the most committed educator agrees with the value of inclusion, it does not automatically translate to practice. Successful school inclusion requires guidance, support and consistent intention. Everyone from administrators to all teachers (not just “special ed” teachers) to parents and students, support staff, etc. must be brought into the planning process. It is not always easy, and flexibility is critical, because as soon as you think you have it right, the needs of your students may change and you will have to adapt and plan again. Nevertheless, with thoughtful planning and intentional design, inclusive classrooms will be beneficial for all learners.

Here are five strategies for structuring an inclusive classroom environment:

Link:  http://www.thinkinclusive.us/5-strategies-for-structuring-an-inclusive-classroom-environment/#sthash.7s1UhGEa.dpbs


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