Family /Teacher Resources – To Listen…or Not to Listen?

Children are sponges. They absorb not only what we say, but also subtle messages implied by our actions and tones. Often we transmit messages that actually tell children NOT to listen. This article is an invaluable resource for transmitting messages to children that encourage them to listen…and obey, by avoiding these 6 common parenting/teaching mistakes. Link: 6 … Continue reading

Family Resources – For Parents of Children Who Receive SEIT Services

Family Partnership Goals – Parents whose children receive SEIT services are encouraged to sign up for email notices and to attend monthly meetings.. With the recognition that many parent find it difficult to adjust work schedules,  meetings are not mandatory; nevertheless, we encourage parents to attend at least two or three a year. Please distribute … Continue reading

Family and Teacher Resources: Helping Children Develop Emotional Control

Preschool education is more than teaching children numbers, letters, and preparing for college.  It’s the foundation of character building and emotional management. One blog/website for every parent and teacher to explore is where you can upload valuable articles, links, and tips for building character and emotional management in our children. Following is one sample … Continue reading