Family Worker Note Regarding Referrals – Do Not Skip This Post

Please be aware that a number of documents and links in the FORMS/LINKS page have been updated.  Check to ensure that all the forms that you have saved to your files are the updated versions….with our new letterhead.

Also, please remember to update the disability section of your tracker and share it with me.  It is imperative that we know which children

a) Schored below age level on the  ASQ or Brigance screenings

b) Were referred for evaluation and what is the status of the evals

c) Have an interim plan in place or need an interim plan set up

d) Were approved for Special Education or related services (Has an IEP)

e) Began to receive services mandated by their IEP

f) Receive Early Intervention Services

g) Have begun evaluations for transition from Early Intervention to CPSE

* Constant, consistent communication with parents and Nechamie are vital and should be logged in your tracker as well.

* When a child is due to have a CPSE meeting, please submit teacher anecdotes and updated interim plan to Nechamie as these are necessary for the IEP meetings with the district.


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