Referral Protocols and Questions

The Department of Education has become very particular regarding evaluations.  No longer do they want to see referrals for children who are performing at age level in most areas.

Therefore, we need to be especially careful and specific when referring a child.  Reasons need to be presented appropriately and reflective of actual concerns by teacher or parent, that impact the child’s ability to learn in the preschool environment.

After the child is referred, parent and teacher should log observations and teacher should follow the interim plan and update progress every few weeks.  As soon as you receive notice of an upcoming meeting, be sure to forward the observations and interim plans to and ensure that parent speaks with Nehamie prior to the meeting.

Adhering to protocols and logging all follow up will ensure that the evaluation and referral process will run smoothly and enable children to get what they need as soon as possible.

Following is a link that you will also find in forms/links(along with the rest of the referral and evaluation forms) to assist you in assembling information needed for a referral.  Teachers/parents should check all relevant data and circle what is specifically relevant to the child in question. (ex.  if it says   cannot name body parts/familiar people, please circle which one the child actually cannot name.)



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