Due Dates

Remember These Due Dates:

Parent Teachers Meeting:
Discuss scheduling options with your directors, and shoot us an email, before December 5, 2012, letting us know exactly when each of the three mandated Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled for your site.

PAC Elections:
ACS must have them before December 17, 2012.
Therefore, we request that you submit them to us by December 10, 2012, so that we can submit them for you in a timely fashion.

Weekly Reports:
Starting yesterday, November 26, 2012, please email  Aida (aidaslp@gmail.com) and Tasfia (tkhan@amcearlylearn.com) a  weekly report of what you have accomplished each week.
Emails reports should be submitted every Thursday or Friday.  So you have 2 or 3 more days to complete this week’s reports…. And if you accomplished some amazing feat, formed an enviable connection, or closed your final “Child Folder” in satisfaction, share the news so we can cheer you on and follow your model.


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